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About us

OUR IDEA It is taking care of people by using cosmetics coming from renewable and sustainable botanical substances formulated with pure fragrances of flowers and plants grown in organic and biodynamic agriculture and offering Aromatherapy services for the wellbeing and health of hair and skin. We always have to remember to respect both our health and our planet, the only home we have. OUR CROPS Agriculture has to respect the ecosystem of the planet Earth as much as possible when following the organic and biodynamic methods. Both are part of ecosustainable projects that do not use synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilisers, plant protection products or invasive treatments for the soil and plants. OUR ENERGY SOURCES The energy used to run the machines that produce our cosmetics comes from the wind power generated by the Pontedera plant and geothermal energy coming from the Lardarello plant, both located in Tuscany. These energy sources are sustainable and renewable, with very low CO2 emissions. THE SUBSTANCES WE HAVE BANNED Silicones, parabens, oil and its by-products, artificial colouring, SLS. OUR CERTIFICATIONS Our company has chosen Qualità Reale certification (transition from perception to reality). We set out to promote and communicate the real quality of our products by providing the necessary information and having their veracity certified by an independent authority. In fact, we believe that the consumer is ready to overcome the perception of Quality aspect created by the communication of a general trademark to reach the actual Quality conveyed by the information about the product, from the production of its ingredients to the marketing of the finished product.

AN ECO-AWARE CHOICE We use detergents, shampoos and creams containing a number of synthetic and petrochemical substances that are considerably harmful for our health and the environment every day. The chemical industries select these substances because they are simple and inexpensive. We at “Naturalmente” have decided to protect the health of people and the environment by formulating our products with organic ingredients that produce tangible and effective results without compromising our health. “Naturalmente has created new attentive and eco-sustainable cosmetics that offer beauty without compromise!” Substantial differences - The ingredients of the “Naturalmente” products consist of complex blends of essential oils and substances taken from plants and flowers. - They are based on the knowledge of aromatherapists to promote the wellbeing of our bodies and minds. - They do not contain animal substances, petrochemical additives or stabilisers. - They contain ingredients taken from plants and flowers with a complex chemical structure that the chemical industry has been unable to reproduce by synthesis. What are synthetic substances? - They are products created in the laboratory from the processing of oil in an attempt to reproduce the benefits that the world of vegetable substances offers. - They are potentially harmful for human beings, animals and the planet earth. - They have none of the actual active benefits that plants offer. - They contain a high amount of products that are dispersed in the environment and pollute it. - They are based on profit and market research, and not on the principles of aromatherapy. What are petrochemical products? As the name itself expresses, they are products made from oil. In most cases: - They pollute - They are not biodegradable - They generate solid and harmful waste that pollutes the earth and the human body - Their residue contaminates the food chain - They pollute the air during processing and combustion - They increase the risk of environmental disaster - They require extraction and processing methods that are harmful for the environment - Unlike plants, they are not renewable and are ecologically unacceptable.