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  • "Nature Inside" line

    This line is designed for hair care, irrigation, nutrition, rehabilitation gloss, strength provide.

    The products used in the production of botanical essential oils, derived from plants, flowers roots, seeds, spices, plants, resins and grown naturally in the plant-like homeland - this is called a biological (Ecological) method.
    The products used in the production plants grown biodynamic principle - according to the lunar phases. Herbs are collected in the wild, all over the planet.

    These products do not contain:

    GMOs (genetically modified crops)
    Silicones, parabens
    Oil and oil products
    Artificial coloring, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), polypropylene glycol (PEG)
    All products made of nickel test.

    This cosmetic product line designed not only for professionals but also for the end user.

    The packaging in the packed product (without the cap) made of maize are 100% decomposed. Composted together with organic waste becomes fertilizer.

  • "InBloom" line
  • Styling & Finishing
  • Organic Hair Therapy
  • Ampulės
  • Welness Color
  • Essential and Base Oils

    Spontaneous plant are those that grow in their place of origin, without sowing or any type of treatment, usually far urban centres, in particular place where harvesting is even done by hand and the oils that are obtained have a particular rotund and special fragrance. This type of crop growing involves utmost respect for the plants and an improvement in their state of health, which is enhanced by cutting the flowering plant. For example, in the conventional method the same environmental protection principles are adopted, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Attention is paid to the choice of place of production as well as to selection of the plants.

    Unfortunately, however, there is no type of certification by local regulatory bodies for the oils that are obtained. The most highly recommended crops, and therefore the most important in terms of quality of the oil, are organic and biodynamic, guaranteed and controlled by specific certification bodies that ensure and protect the quality. Organic farming is regulated by an important framework regulation of the European Community (2092/91), whose main objective is to maintain soil fertility. In organic farming, the agrosystem must be as close as possible to the ecosystem, and both methods are environmentally friendly. They are included in ecologically sustainable projects in which, as already mentioned, synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, pasticides or invasive treatment for the plant are not used. 

    However, biodynamic crops fit even more into a holistic view of life and are based on the philosophy of the German philosopher Steiner: not only are the balsamic time for the harvest and the lunar phases taken into account, but the harmonios relationship between the plant's pace and the entire cosmos as well.

    For example, the fertilizens used are not only natural, but there are biodynamic animal farms from which we get the organic materials to fertilize the soil (for nutrient cycling). There is also an action of regulation of the biochemical cycles, through the use of special preparations (for example, Steiner's Preparation 500) used to regulate the forces at work in the soil to be cultivated. Based on this, it is easy to see the difference between the various crops used by man in order to extract the essential oil and properly choose it according to its use.

  • Personal care

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